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Here is a small selection of the excellent reviews we receive from our customers

“Like a lot of middle aged men the stomach gets that wee bit bigger, I was finding myself going from the fourth notch in my leather belt to the second notch. However when I was seated the belt became very uncomfortable, so I decided to purchase a larger belt in order to solve the problem but this didn't work as the new belt still 'cut' into me. Then I was going through the Amazon site one day and I noticed the Streeze mens elasticated belt, so I thought I will send for one and would at least do me when I'm wearing jeans. The belt arrived within 2 days, it was very professionally packed and when I opened it I was surprised at how nice the belt looked and how comfortable it was when I'm standing or sitting. Now I wear it with my jeans and also with my dress trousers.... would definitely recommend!” ~ A. McAfee

“For some reason as I have aged, all my belts have shrunk.

At least that's what I sometimes like to tell myself but of course the reality is that with age there is also often an increase in waist size. Fortunately, the increase hasn't been too much but as the only other options were a more restrictive diet and/or considerably more exercise, I decided to buy a new belt.

I wasn't particularly searching for an elasticated belt but I stumbled across the 'Streeze' - it was the right size, available on Prime, a sensible price and had good reviews. I bought it and when it arrived, the first thing I noticed was that there were no holes.

At first I thought something was wrong but this is how it works; you just get the belt to the correct tightness and then push the prong through the belt (ie as if there was a hole there). That's all there is to it - it just works and it works perfectly every time. I have been using it for a few months now and there is no evidence of wear where the prong has gone into the belt.

The belt is about 30mm wide and 3mm thick but obviously the length is variable depending on your ordering choice. If I had to make any criticism it would be that I would have liked a 40mm width option but I imagine 30mm will be fine for most people. ~ Mr. N. Edwards

This belt is real quality and was purchased based on the reviews here. I actually think it surpasses my expectations. It is comfortable to wear and smart. Over the years I have tried the usual conventional belt but was never happy with them. I even turned to braces. With my expanding waistline I find this belt much so I have just ordered another in a different colour. I emailed the seller prior to ordering the first one as I was unsure what size to purchase. I had a prompt and helpful reply pointing out that I should allow for the stretch.First class product and First class service.

April 2015...Purchased a third one in grey. Still totally pleased with this belt. The 2 I purchased last week are wearing very well.

Added 23rd July 2014...Received the beige one today. Highly recommend these belts and this company.” ~ Cavernguy

“As a man 'of a certain age', I decided to look for a belt with a degree of 'give and take' for those self indulgent occasions that happen now and again. I fully expected to have to make do with a cheap elastic belt similar to the ones I used to wear when a child, i seem to remember them to be called 'S' or 'snake' belts. I was surprised to come across the Streeze belt on Amazon, and even more surprised to discover how well made and sturdy they are whilst still maintaining the give and take I was looking for. The belt is smart looking, and looks as though it will last for a long time. I opted for a size up to what I might have normally ordered to ensure I had enough 'tail' to tuck neatly into my belt loops.

I am now the proud owner of 3 of these belts, and I would obviously recommend them to anybody looking for a 'grown up' and smart elastic belt.” ~ dennoh


“I have several Elastic fabric woven belts but needed a Khaki or Beige one to go with my Chinos which are a similar colour and this one suited my needs best. I like the covered buckle which blends in well with the rest of the clothing, I chose an XL size belt 42"-44" which leaves me a good amount to tuck in to the adjoining belt loop. The elastication gives when you bend and stretch which leaves the wearer feeling comfortable. I had no particular reason for choosing the Streeze brand but find the product a good fit. I like the quality of these belts.” ~ Malcolm